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Areas covered
By your local Chiropodist from Sunderland

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Working times:
I am currently working a Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Any calls/voicemails left on my non-working days will be dealt with within 7days. This also applies to emails. 

Please note, on the days I am working, I will be with patients so may not get to the phone straight away.  Please leave a voicemail or email and I will endeavour to get back to you ASAP (generally within 7 days).

Where does The Mobile Foot Clinic cover?
Is there a Chiropodist near me?

Podiatry and foot health services are provided in the following areas:


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For further information or to make an appointment:

Contact Lynn on 07935039600.  

or contact me via Facebook:

or finally....head to my 'Contact me' page.

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