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Summer feet, Summer foot care ☀️ ❤️ 🦶 👣

Summer feet, Summer footcare tips

Summer isn’t the time to neglect your feet, whether you’re out walking, chilling in the pool or lazing on the beach! Here’s some tips to keep your feet in good condition and Summer-happy:

👣 Moisturise.

Even in the Summer our feet can get dry, leading sometimes to cracked skin which can result in infection due to bacteria and debris getting in. Not fun! So, use moisturiser daily to help prevent this, particularly before lazing on that lovely sand. You don't need anything too fancy in terms of the brand of moisturiser, but when you apply it, don't put it between your toes - the rest of the foot is fine.

👣 Apply sunscreen.

We apply sunscreen to our faces, arms and legs but most of us forget about our feet! Your feet are just as important as any other part of your body, you should apply it to your soles as well as the top of your feet. Regular applications should be made throughout the day on the top of your feet to prevent them from getting burnt.

👣 Protect the soles of your feet.

It is an idea to wear suitable footwear, particularly to protect the soles of your feet. Remember, the soles are subjected to hot sand and ground - you don't want burns! Although flip flops don't provide much-needed arch support, I know some of you will wear them, so if you do, then remember to reduce the time spent with them on. You could consider sandals with a buckle or straps which can be adjusted.

👣 Treat your feet to a lovely soak. Caring for your feet, especially after you have been in the pool or sea, otherwise walking on the lovely sand, is a must! You could treat your feet to a relaxing foot soak - your feet will thank you for it :) Foot soaks are naturally soothing and therefore may boost your mood and overall well-being. Use what works for you, some people like to use epsom salts, others use oils such as lavender or rosemary. Soothe those tired, worn feet and don't forget to re-apply your moisturiser.

As always, everything above is for guidance only. Look after those precious feet ❤️ .

Lynn, #Podiatrist and owner.



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