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Tips for your mental well-being during lockdown ❤️ What works for you?

Hi all, hope you are all keeping safe.

I just want to focus a little on well-being as you are important, please remember that ❤️

We are all going through a tough time just now and we need to be kind to ourselves.

I want to share some ideas re how to look after your mental well-being especially during lockdown, but what works for you? Please share if you feel able.

1. Connect with others - reach out to friends, family, those you trust for support. Don’t keep everything inside especially if you are worrying. A problem shared is a problem halved as they say. If you feel you cannot talk to friends or family, remember there’s professional support out there too.

2. Remember others may need your support too- Being there for others can make you feel better and them foo.

3. Your physical well-being is as important as your mental well-being - ensure you have a healthy, nutritious diet, well-balanced meals, stay hydrated. Exercise wherever possible, within your limits. Exercise can boost those happy hormones, get moving.

4. Sleep hygiene - we all know lack of sleep can cause a bit of bother for us ☹️ Try to keep to a regular sleeping pattern. Practise sleep hygiene such as cutting back on caffeine, avoiding tv, iPad and laptop screens before bed, etc.

5. News and social media can often make us feel worse - if this is the case please try to limit the amount of time you spend. Credible sources are best 👍

6. Find a routine that works for you - life has changed for us all. How can you adapt? Remember we all need a sense or purpose and enjoyment, no matter what. Find some activities which can give you this, whether that be cooking, cleaning, reading, talking to a friend, etc. Have you maybe a favourite hobby or could you learn something new? Keep your mind active - do you enjoy crosswords, wordsearches? What works for you as an individual?

7. Relax! - we all need a bit of down time. What helps you to relax? The NHS have some great resources re relaxation techniques. It could be something as simple as chilling in the bath and having a bit of time to yourself.

The great outdoors can be a good way to allow us to be mindful and get some fresh air at the same time ❤️

Please take care of yourself.

Lynn, x ❤️


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