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Step into Spring, get your feet Spring ready! 💐❤️🌸 🌹

Spring is just around the corner now and I bet most of you cannot wait for it, like me! I love the fresh cut grass smells, the lovely flowers and blossom, lighter nights, longer days….the list goes on! 🌸💐 🌹

The past few months have been so busy with appointments (which is great!) but I refuse to neglect my own feet. So I want to give you some quick ideas and tips on how to get your feet looking good for the Spring!

👣 Moisturise

Your feet will thank you for it if you get them back to being soft, healthier and supple ❤️ you may have noticed that your feet are dry after you’ve hidden them away for many months? Moisturiser used daily can help, particularly something with urea in. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Apply cream to the whole foot but avoid between the toes. Moisturising can help repair any cracked skin, hence reducing risk of infections.

👣 Toenails

Nails should be trimmed straight across and done regularly. Please do not cut nails at an angle or down the edges as you can put yourself at risk of problems such as ingrowing toenails. If you struggle to cut your own nails or a loved ones’ then get in touch for an appointment.


Proper fitting shoes are recommended. If you are planning on pulling last years shoes out of the cupboard, inspect them first for excessive wear. Treat yourself to something appropriate and better for your feet - they’re worth it ❤️ A lot of people wear sandals but bear in mind that feet tend to slide around in sandals or they rub. Check out my footwear blog here.

Don’t ignore foot problems which have appeared over the Winter such as corns, callus (hard skin) and fungal infections. Treat yourself to a foot appointment for a nice pamper and tailored treatment. I hear from lots of people that they had been too embarrassed and self-conscious to get their feet out due to the condition of their feet, but once they’ve had them tended to then it’s a different story 😀

🌸 Proper foot care is not only a matter of aesthetics but it can also help to prevent foot problems, as well as reduction of infections.

Please note that everything above is for guidance only. If you need further advice then please contact myself for an appointment, where I can provide an assessment, treatment and advice.

Remember it is vital you look after your feet....

Lynn, #Podiatrist and owner



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