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Autumn / Winter foot care! Why is this time of year important to love your feet?

Autumn feet ready

🍁 So the question is.........Why is this time of year important to love your feet? 🍁

So let’s start by picturing the’s Autumn now, quickly approaching Winter, your feet are tucked away in boots, thicker socks....your feet are neglected as they’re hidden away!

Now that shouldn’t happen really should it! Any existing foot conditions will be worsened.

Autumn is not the time to neglect those tootsies

Regular foot care needs to be done all year round, Autumn is not the time to neglect your poor tootsies.

Your poor feet won't know what's hit them, having come from sandals / flip flops (which take their toll on your feet anyway). Hard skin! Your feet can result in being dehydrated, you may have dry, cracked heels and they aren't to be just ignored and tucked away. A Podiatrist like myself can help make them pretty again! Don't be shy.

💡 Tips to help you care for your feet better in Autumn. 💡

We pay a lot of attention to our hands and faces, but fail to look after our feet. Give your feet a much deserved and needed foot care pamper! They are so important.

  • Moisturise! Moisturising should ideally be done every day and all year round. Especially as we enter Autumn and Winter, our skin can get dry and dehydrated, so a nice bit of moisture would help greatly. Your skin health will be better as well as the elasticity.

Remember to apply your cream to the whole foot, avoiding between the toes. Imagine how your poor cracked feet will feel! Less discomfort and less cracking is the aim. Your feet will feel so soft! You don’t need to worry about buying anything expensive either.

  • Exfoliate You could treat yourself to a foot file and use this once a week. To note however, a foot file should be used on dry skin only, not wet. One reason for this is because if you have cracked skin, when you wet it, the cracks are more susceptible to opening, hence causing you some potential issues. A pumice stone can help to shed that dry skin.

  • Look after those nails They should be kept neat and clean. Remember to keep them trimmed. As per my main top tips page here..... “They should never be cut at an angle or down the edges. The correct way is to cut straight across. Incorrect cutting can cause ingrowing toenails”.

It’s an idea to maybe keep your nails polish-free over the next few months. Give your nails a break. To be fair, we may be just covering over existing problems such as fungal nail infections.

  • Foot soaks Something I love myself! Nothing more do I enjoy than giving my feet a lovely soak. Not only does it make my feet feel great, but it also relaxes me....fab de-stresser ! So soothing. But not to spoil the foot party here, remember not to use boiling hot water, warm is just fine.

  • Footwear Remember you need shoes with good support head here for some ideas..... It's an idea to wear some decent socks, those which will keep your feet nice, warm and cosy, but not causing that uncomfortable sweaty feeling. "Thought Bamboo socks" are a great idea, they are fab for people with Diabetes and those with sensitive skin. Bamboo socks can help to prevent the risk of foot problems such as fungal nails and Athlete's Foot.

Bamboo socks are breathable and naturally anti-bacterial so your feet will feel healthy. Here's some great designs These could make a great Xmas pressie! :o)

  • Finally.....remember foot care should be done all year round. Foot care is essential for us all, no matter what age, gender, etc.

👣 So, after reading these at-home foot care tips, are you prepared to get your feet Autumn ready? Let me help! 👣 Maybe you are having bother with: - an ingrowing toenail - are struggling to cut your nails - have a verruca or corn?

- have hard skin?

- pain in your foot? - Need a diabetic foot assessment? Whatever the problem, give me a challenge!

Lynn, providing Podiatry in Sunderland xx 💖

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