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Coronavirus and my Podiatry role - newest update as at 12th May 2020

Coronavirus and my Podiatry role - newest update as at 12th May 2020

UPDATE: Hi all, just a quick update following the government's guidelines for covid. Our society continues to provide us with guidelines of what we can do in these unprecedented times.

We are to abide by the following:

Members can return to work, but MUST follow the treatment grid. This is a traffic light system. This determines the way patients are treated. Each patient will be triaged, as I have been doing since March.

This is used inline with a decision tree, and the society’s clinical and ppe guidance.

We must follow social distancing, and wear ppe.

I will post the treatment grid and tree tomorrow.

I have been working in the background, preparing for my return. This has included purchasing many items for ppe, which have gone up in excessive prices. I'm sad to say that I have had to add on a nominal charge to my fees, due to the increase in prices of gloves, masks, aprons, to name a few things. This is to protect you and myself.

Also it is going to take much longer per patient to be seen. This is due to the strict infection control I am following, and preparation between each patient. I can assure you that your health is paramount, and I am following the guidelines provided, plus adding other necessary things in place, and creating risk assessments.

I hope you are all well, and hope to see you all soon. Please stay safe and continue to wash your hands at every opportunity.


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