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I’m back in action! 😁❤️ coronavirus update as at 03.06.20 - I can now offer a service to all.

Coronavirus update as at 03.06.20

Hello all, I so hope you are all ok 😁❤️

I thought I would write a little bit about what is going on at present. Nothing is normal, will it ever return to normal? My business life has been affected so much by this virus. Apart from the fact we could only attend to certain treatments, we now have the green light to see all, regardless of clinical need, but still triaging. My backlog is tremendous, I am gradually working through this, but my working day has changed dramatically.

Due to personal protective equipment (ppe), the heat, alongside extra time taken up by vigorous infection control, it is taking much longer to see each patient, my working load has been reduced as a knock on effect. Alongside this and some massive price hikes by companies for ppe, I had to make the decision to raise the prices for treatments (see the services tab on my a Facebook page otherwise my website page detailing price changes.)

I hope you can appreciate all this and please bear with me re appointments. Get in touch by all means, for any that I haven’t already been in touch with.

Whilst I've been off, i have been ordering extra stock of ppe, looking at risk assessments, working out what to take in my domicillary bag, planning how to keep not only me, but more importantly you safe too.

I look forward to seeing you all. I still come with the smiley happy face 😁, but you can’t see it under the mask sadly!

Take care and stay safe,

Lynn, x

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