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Exciting new product is now available to Podiatrists which can be used for verrucaes 🦶🦶

👍👍 An exciting new product is now available to Podiatrists which can be used for verrucaes 😀

Some of my colleagues have been stating they are having promising results. I have ordered my first package from Espere Health. Only a health professional can purchase or apply this product. There is an incredibly good clearance rate, which is within the information leaflet I will supply.

Please note: There will be an extra charge for this treatment on top of the normal rate, due to the costs of the product. I will supply the surgical spirit (no charge), which is the part you as a patient will carry out twice daily.

I am very excited to try this and it can be used on children from 6yrs old, which is such good news on troublesome verrucaes.

I still stand by a tincture of time and verrucaes in children will resolve once their immune system helps out.

I have further info re what a verruca is on my web pages: here and here :)

If you have any questions please send me a message, Lynn, #Podiatrist and owner. 🦶🦶🦶


Verrutop is a new class of treatment for warts and verrucae. It is a Class IIa Medical Device, complying to all the quality, safety and clinical regulations that such a classification requires.

Whilst Verrutop is a combination of organic and inorganic acids, the acid base is not designed to either burn or stimulate an immune response but to create the production of nitrite on the wart or verruca which produces a desiccating effect, drying up the wart tissue and reducing residual viral DNA. The verruca just dries up and falls off, leaving an intact epithelium underneath.

It is applied by a capillary tube at 2-weekly intervals and clinical studies show a clearance rate of around 40% with a single application and up to 90% after 6 applications. The patient will need to apply surgical spirit twice daily after the application.

As it is virtually pain-free, it can be used in children as young as 6 years of age.

Contra-indications are relatively straight-forward and logical:

• Don’t use on healthy skin or mucous membranes, on malignant tumours, flat warts or freckles or keloids

• Don’t use on children under 6 years of age

• On women who are pregnant or breast feeding

• On cases of arteriopathy or peripheral neuropathies where sensory activity is significantly diminished

• As concomitant treatment with other wart removers


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