Coronavirus (covid-19) update - how I am helping to keep my clients safe!

Having read though the latest advice from the Government and College of Podiatry regarding covid-19 (coronavirus) I have decided to write a little update for you all.

As per guidance, I will remain operating and visiting clients until I am told otherwise. My clients still need care. Bear in mind, I visit people with health problems such as diabetes so some may not be able to postpone treatment. On the other hand, I have a duty of care so I will be carrying out a risk assessment for each person I visit.

For those who may be more at risk of coronavirus, I.e., those over 70/under 70 with serious health issues as listed on the government website, we can decide together whether you want to delay your appointment, otherwise I can visit with your verbal consent and I will use suitable personal protective equipment as per guidance on Infection control is of utmost important to myself.

We have been made aware that limiting distance (up to 2metres) and length of time spent with clients limits the spread of the disease. I am considering ordering a supply of masks which my client / myself can wear during the appointment.

The measures I am taking myself are :

 avoiding any high risk areas, avoiding public places deemed high risk where there are large gatherings of people over 500.

 Wearing personal protection, i.e gloves and aprons

 Using hand sanitiser

 Washing my hands regularly for 20 seconds, as everyone should be doing. I wash my hands on arriving to my own home

 Ringing each client the day before an appointment to ensure they are fit and well, also to remind if that changes before my visit to inform me.

I will be monitoring my stocks daily. I have asthma and an elderly parent, therefore I need to keep myself well too and avoid to the best of my ability contracting Coronavirus.

As a reminder, if you show any of the signs of covid-19 infection you must self-isolate, if any of your family show symptoms you must all self-isolate for 14 days or until all are better. This also applies to myself.

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me: here or via my Facebook page

I post regular updates on my social media platforms so it would be useful if you come over and follow my Facebook page.

Keep safe.

Thanks, Lynn xx

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